I already know I want this!

Do you want to add more fun to your homeschool day, but you're worried about crossing off all of those homeschool "must-do" boxes?


Your homeschool vision didn't include workbooks, power struggles, and tears. You thought it would feel, well, easier. You thought it would be -gasp!- fun. You imagined hands-on learning and engaged, happy kids. You wanted to make memories together. To create a family culture of joyful curiosity and learning. 


But it hasn't exactly worked out that way.


Nope. You spend your homeschool hours sweating over math and wondering how you are going to fit in alllll the subjects while your kids bicker over their textbooks and waste time looking for the perfect pencil. Most days your best-laid plans fall apart before you've finished your [lukewarm] coffee.


Every night, once the kids are in bed, you promise to do it better the next day. But every day feels like Groundhog Day lately.


You feel stuck and don't know where to go from here. You find yourself awake at 3 am, worrying that your kids are behind. That you're failing them. That they'll never get into college. You wonder if they'd be better off boarding that big yellow bus. You're usually an optimist, but you're beginning to doubt your ability to do this thing. That you could actually be the calm, confident, fun homeschool parent with the happily engaged kids- instead of being constantly plagued by self-doubt, worry, and homeschool checkboxes. 

If there was a simple, step-by-step method for adding more play to your homeschool day while checking off all of those academic must-do boxes...

But, before we dive in...

The question we're *ALL* asking, right now, in the year 2020:

This has been the weirdest year ever. 


In the face of so many unknowns and endless uncertainty, how are we

going to hone in on what matters most and make sure our kids are learning well?

You don't need the perfect curriculum, the perfect planner, or the perfect schedule.


You don't need to remember all the things. You don't need to be the world's greatest teacher to rock this homeschool gig. You need only be a willing sidekick, a joyful mentor, and your child's biggest cheerleader.


By modeling joyful curiosity and lifelong learning, you can teach your child how to learn anything, from knitting a pair of funky socks, to recording an album, to fixing that leaky dishwasher.


How do you model this joyful curiosity and lifelong learning, you wonder? One of the most fun ways to accomplish this is through play!

  • Add more play to your homeschool day while also crossing off many of those academic "must-do" boxes.
  • Teach your children to problem solve, think creatively, and think outside the box- something our kids need now more than ever!
  • Build a family culture of play and joyful curiosity. In short- a home they'll want to come home to!
  • Work on all-important social and communication skills.
  • Quit trying to find the perfect tools and embrace the now, building memories with your children.
  • Stop worrying at 3 am and start enjoying your family's homeschool journey.

And that's why I'm over-the-moon thrilled to share my gameschooling course with you. I promise that adding more play to your homeschool day can have an immediate and lasting impact on your homeschool and family life. More joy and less overwhelm, my friends!


If this sounds like what you've been looking for, let me introduce you to...


Enroll today and have more fun tomorrow!


My kids and  I fell in love with you when you started the game school challenge during our first homeschooling year! You really helped guide me out of the "school at home" mode!!!  Who knew learning could be so much fun!?!


I have to tell you that honestly the reason we got through the year was because of you. What did we do when life just got too tough? We played games and we read books. Oodles of games. Mountains of books. And it was enough. Surprisingly, it was actually much more than enough, because the rabbit trails and interest-led learning that spawned from that base created many opportunities we may have missed.


A game that counts for Science? You're kidding me! Reading amazing books. We're so in!!! I never ever would have thought to ditch the workbooks and do all this on my own. I kind of feel like we're breaking the rules. However, my boys are so much happier. I'm so much happier. I mean, really, how do you thank someone for ALL that?


Don't make things hard on yourself. Gameschooling can change the entire atmosphere of your homeschool and family life. You don't want to waste another minute losing sleep due to overwhelm.


Homeschooling shouldn't feel hard. 


Gameschooling covers many academic and non-academic homeschool bases. Plus, you are teaching your children how to problem solve, think creatively, and collaborate.


I truly believe that there's never been a better time to break from that public school mindset and think outside of that ol' proverbial box.


Plus, you'll be building a home they'll want to come home to.


I want you to homeschool with confidence, knowing you're raising curious, joyful, lifelong learners who will be ready for anything life throws at them- even a year as weird as 2020!


Count me in, Cait!
Enroll in Gameschooling 101 today and have more fun tomorrow!
Enroll today and have more fun tomorrow!


Gameschooling! Hooray! I've fully embraced using games as sneaky lessons, with my kids (5 and 3). It adds a boatload of fun to learning, while sharpening our skills...Thanks for starting a conversation about Gameschooling. Of all the ways I incorporate learning in our daily rhythm, this is my favorite technique.


When we play together, they retain so much more information. They are engaged and want to participate!


Before reading your blog, I was unaware of homeschoolers using games for school. Your blog has helped open my eyes to all the possibilities that games offer and the best part is the kids don’t even realize it’s ‘school’ and they’re having so much fun. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into a blog that has and continues to help so many of us homeschoolers!!