How to Access NBL

From Any Device

(There's also a mobile app!)

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 Did you know there's an app?  


You can access NBL from any device. 

NBL Community on mobile:

 The NBL Community is housed on the Circle platform. An app is available for iOS and Android users.



NBL on desktop and mobile browsers: 

The NBL Community is accessible on a desktop and is mobile-friendly!

Using any browser, you can also add a webpage to your mobile's home screen. Adding NBL to your home screen appears and functions much like an app. When you click on the shortcut, the site opens in a browser. 

The shortcut looks and functions like an app, but you will not receive "in-app notifications" as it is not an app. To receive notifications, you would need to enable email notifications.

Of note, this works for any browser, but one trusted community creator shared that it is smoother on Chrome.

The video below describes this process:

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