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South America Lazy Unit Study

Lazy Unit Studies are an easy way to incorporate more interest-based learning into your homeschool routine. 

The best part? We have created them for you!

Each Lazy Unit Study has a theme and includes:

  • Printable activities and/or print-and-play games related to the theme
  • Game recommendations, book lists, and educational videos related to the theme
  • Oodles of extension activities across many academic subject areas 

Our Lazy Unit Studies are designed to be fun. Pick and choose the rabbit trails that work for your unique family, and forget the rest!


This Lazy Unit Study is a South America deep-dive and would be a great follow-up to our 7 Continents Lazy Unit Study.

  • Play inspiration and game recommendations
  • Movies, documentaries, apps, and online resources
  • Creatures of South America Bingo Game
  • South America Flags and Country Memory Game 
  • Fiction and nonfiction booklists
  • Capybara research pages and rabbit trails
  • Art, music, and craft ideas
  • Tons of rabbit trails, including curated educational YouTube playlists across a wide swath of subject areas
  • Coloring pages
  • Planning pages
  • ... and more!


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