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Summer Play Pack


Summer Play Pack

The NBL Summer Play Pack (ebook) contains actionableplay-based learning and gameschool resources. You'll find original games and resources to fuel connection throughout the month.

Resources Included In the NBL Spring Play Pack

This Play Pack includes the following resources:

Summer Game Pack

This game pack includes the following summer-themed printable games:

  • Charades
  • Pictionary
  • Hedbanz
  • Password
  • Word Search
  • Memory

Summer Gameschool Bingo

Play your way through the season with this gameschool challenge. This resource can also be tucked into your homeschool portfolio as a documentation page.

Summer Fun Challenge + Summer Idea List

Everyone loves fun experiences. Our Summer Idea List and Summer Fun Challenge will help you create your very own summer bucket list, and they promise to keep you busy all season long!