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Shark Week Play Pack

Shark Week Play Pack

This Play Pack includes the following resources:

Shark Week Scavenger Hunt

Shark Week Scavenger Hunt is a wonderful way to take a playful deep dive with your kiddos. Take this scavenger hunt on your next library trip and gather books about the sharks mentioned herein. Or, use it as you explore YouTube, Discovery.com, Discovery+, and/or other documentary sources (such as CuriosityStream, Netflix, and Amazon).

The challenge? Learn something new about each shark listed on the Shark Week Scavenger Hunt!

Shark Word Search and Shark Week Word Scramble

See if you can find all of the sharks floating around in this word puzzle. (And yay for some stealth spelling and reading practice!)

Shark Joke Pack

Do you have a kiddo who loves jokes? This Shark Joke Pack will be a hit!

Summer-Themed Game Pack

Enjoy a pack of summer-themed games, including:

  • Memory
  • Hedbanz
  • Charades
  • Pictionary

Shark Spot-It

Your Spot-It fans will love this fun shark-themed twist on an old favorite!

Shark Week Bingo Set

This Bingo Set is shark-and-summer-themed and a perfect companion to Shark Week or a shark unit study.


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