Planning for Play:

A Never Board Learning Masterclass

Hosted by Cait Curley, MA/CAGS
Cait is a school psychologist, homeschool mom, and founder of Never Board Learning

Save me a seat, Cait!

Learn Why

Play is so important, not just for little kids, but for everyone.

Learn How To

Create a simple, sustainable play habit, a habit that has the power to transform your homeschool *and* family life!

Learn How To

Document play and make it "count" as part of your homeschool day.

Your homeschool doesn't need to look anything like the school of your past.

Play has the power to transform your family life. At Never Board Learning, we show you how to play more *and* learn lots!

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Hi there, I'm Cait. I'm thrilled you're here.

As a school psychologist and unexpected homeschool mom, I know the value of play-based learning for all ages and stages. I'd love to support you on your play-based learning journey!

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Learn how to play more and learn lots!


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