The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

Hosted by: Cait Curley, MA/CAGS

Homeschooling is easier when you have a sister by your side. Since 2016, and with over 1.6 million downloads worldwide, The Homeschool Sisters Podcast has been dedicated to supporting sisters across all walks of...


Episode 57: Exploring Subscription Boxes

Season #5 Episode #57

Subscription boxes are so much fun! And they make great holiday gifts. So in this week's episode Cait + Kara are exploring tons of boxes. From science, to art, to cooking and beyond, the sisters are giving the details...
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Episode 56: You Don't Have to Do All the Things, A Special Holiday Episode with Melissa Camara Wilkins

Season #5 Episode #56

The holidays are here, sisters, and if like us, you're feeling just a *tiny* bit overwhelmed, join us for this replay episode with the fantastic Melissa Camara Wilkins. Melissa is a mama of 6, a writer, homeschooler...
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Episode: 54 Gameschooling by Subject

Season #5 Episode #54

In this episode, the sisters dive into game schooling by subject. This is Cait's forté, so Kara does the interviewing, while Cait fills us in on her favorite games for each subject. The sisters also chat about a few...
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Q & A: Deep Dives and Harry Potter Resources

Season #5 Episode #53

This week this sisters chat deep dives - how do we know how much to "push," and when to let kids just explore interests? Plus, they share all their favorite Harry Potter resources. We're not saying that Cait and Kara...
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Episode 52: How to be a Homeschool Team, with S.D. and Gina Smith

Season #5 Episode #52

In this week's episode, the sisters are joined by S.D. and Gina Smith - a homeschooling couple that shares their experience balancing life with homeschooling and working from home. Sam is the author of the hugely...
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Episode 51: Q & A: Favorite Non-Fiction

Season #5 Episode #51

The sisters are chatting non-fiction today! From their favorite go-to authors, to the books that have stood the test of time in their homes, they are coming to you with tons of recommendations. Listen in as Cait +...
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Episode 50: Homeschooling During Tricky Times

Season #5 Episode #50

Challenging seasons are just part of life, but when we homeschool, those seasons can feel extra ... tricky. This is the episode for you if you've navigating something new, and trying to still keep things on...
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Episode 49: Q & A: When kids are wondering about public school

Season #5 Episode #49

In this week's episode, Cait and Kara chat about what we can do when our kids are curious about public school or maybe even feeling like they are missing out. From making time for friends, to helping your kids take...
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Episode 48: The Big, Bad Math Episode with Kate Snow

Season #5 Episode #48

Sisters - it's here! The big, bad math episode! Cait and Kara have been wanting to do a math episode for so long, but they wanted to be sure to talk to an expert who would bring the knowledge, but also put your heart...
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Episode 47: Q & A: Our Top 5 Homeschool Essentials

Season #5 Episode #47

What do you REALLY need to homeschool? In this week's episode, Cait and Kara break it down. They each share 5-ish absolute favorite things that have made a huge difference in their homeschools. Let the sisters know...
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Episode 46: Q & A: Scheduling and Pacing

Season #5 Episode #46

How do we know how to schedule out our days and months with our kids? And when we have kids of different ages, how much can we teach them together? This week Cait and Kara talk scheduling, pacing, morning time and...
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Episode 45: What We Don't Do

Season #5 Episode #45

One of the questions the sisters get it a lot is "How do you get it all done?" You know - parenting, homeschooling, work, fancy meals, decorating, house projects, and on and on ... So in this episode, Cait and Kara...
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